#DRAG – What Does It Mean?

We thought it was about time that you met three of the characters behind #DRAG: Leonie, Matt and Roisin. The other member of our team, Antonia, conducted the interview, so technically she’s in this too.

Let’s start with something simple. What is #DRAG all about?

Matt: #DRAG is all about bringing the drag queen community together in the UK so that they have a solid base to refer to and learn from. We noticed that there’s not really something like this about in the UK at the moment. In America the drag queen and king scene is huge, and we think it’s only fair that the UK based queens get the same publicity.

Leonie: That’s not to say that we know everything. It’s very much been a learning process over the last few months, and we’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been brilliant to see the brand grow, and we’ve got quite a few ideas for the coming year.

Roisin: We don’t want to give anything away, so don’t ask us what they are! The brand itself is about a fantastic group of people, the people behind the makeup and the hair and the sassy attitude. I think we’re all really enjoying it.

That’s great to hear. If you had to sum up #DRAG in a few words, what would they be?

Matt: Attitude, fun and empowerment.

Leonie: Peformance, voice and heels.

Roisin: I can’t think of anything now. OK, I’d say TV, hairspray and costume.

Has there been a favourite moment so far?

Leonie: Matt dragging up was brilliant. He looked absolutely fantastic and it was so good to see how makeup can really transform someone’s face, even the way they act. That fact that he was being filmed made it even better. The video itself got us quite a lot of views, so that’s not bad either!

Matt: It was fun and I’m glad I did it. I’m not sure I could apply and take off all of that makeup every day. I don’t think I could get the mascara on without poking myself in the eye, but there must be a knack to it. The lipstick was amazing.

Have there been any problems with the blog?

Matt: We’ve had a few. We needed to find something that really appealed to the drag community, and that took some time. We wanted a bright, bold and clean theme that we could customise to suit the brand. I really like our logo: serious but exciting too. From time to time we’ve also had problems with the layout of the site: things jumped about, wouldn’t load or we couldn’t get the site to appear on a phone. They’re all really simple things, but essential. Eventually it came together to give us #DRAG.

If you were a drag queen what area would you want to focus on?

Roisin: I think I’d try to design costumes. I love fashion and how an outfit can totally transform a person’s attitude on stage. Hair and makeup would be really interesting too.

Leonie: Give me the mic, I’m definitely a karaoke performer.

Matt: I’d probably be a presenter, but I wouldn’t know where to begin. One of our potential ideas for the future would be to introduce #DRAG classes for people who want to break into the drag world. I’d probably be first in line.

Tell us about your Pinterest account. Some people love it, others really don’t.

Leonie: We decided to create a Pinterest account to add a greater visual element to the brand. Antonia actually was more into it that the rest of us, but we’ve all had a go. It’s a really good way to engage with the reader on perhaps a more exciting and engaging level. The pictures are a really useful way of getting inspiration for costumes and makeup so it seemed right that we include it.

Roisin: We’ve done a couple of posts on it too. It’s something we’d like to do more of.

Matt: Social media has been a mixed blessing for us. Twitter really is the best way to engage with our audience as it’s so direct and we’ve got to meet so many great performers and people in the industry that way.

Which city is next on the #DRAG list?

Matt: We want to get to know Brighton really well for obvious reasons. It would be great to reach further north into places like Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds. We’ll just have to see what the next few months bring.

Thanks guys!

Leonie was also kind enough to give us a low key interview. We asked her:

  • What #DRAG was about
  • Have you enjoyed contributing to the site?
  • What’s been your most interesting experience?
  • Tell us about the site
  • Have you been involved with the Pinterest account?
  • Do you have any plans for the future of #DRAG?


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