10 #DRAG Apps

What apps should a diva have on her iPhone? Darling, we’ll show you.


No idea where you want to go for drinks? Just select your preferences – with a date, with my mum, I want a view, I’m in central London etc and this genius little free app will tell you where to go. Failing that you could always look here.


Because it’s fun and all the cool kids are using it. It lets you send photos to other snapchat users on your phone and lets you know if they’ve taken a screen shot of it or not.


A really simple app that came along just when the vintage revolution began. Transform your camera snaps into gorgeous retro shots and upload them to Facebook, Twitter or wherever. 


Now, we know it only works if you have a premium account, but we reckon it’s worth getting one so you can listen to all of our fantastic recommendations.


We don’t even need to explain this one. Chat and flirt to your heart’s content in under 120 characters.


We love that you can use this cheeky little app to make free calls and texts over the internet. Makes long distance very manageable.


If you haven’t got one, get one. It practically pays for itself.


Again, you need an account but SERIOUSLY it’s so worth it. You can watch stuff wherever you are as long as you have wifi of some sorts. We’re praying that RuPaul’s Drag Race gets on there soon!

Davina Fitness

A girl’s gotta be up workin’ on her fitness and Davina has got this covered. 

Starbucks UK

A girl has also gotta know where the nearest Starbucks is and this handy app can direct you.


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