RuPaul’s Drag race Recap: Season 5 Ep14 Reunited

Put your hands up if you love Ru

Finally after 14 weeks the queen of RuPaul’s Drag Race 2013 was crowned. Everyone had their favourites whether it was Jinkx Monsoon, Roxxxy Andrews or Alaska.

In front of a live audience of drag queens and drag race fans, that included Willam Belli and vlogger Tyler Oakley, the contestants from Season 5 strutted to Ru’s latest release ‘The Beginning’. From first sister to sashe away Penny Tration to controversial double eliminatees Honey Mahogany and Vivienne Pinay everyone was there.

Once the crowd were in a frenzy RuPaul appeared in white and sung her song ‘Can I get an Amen’. Dedicated fans of the season will know that this was the song that all the contestants tested their pipes against. She performances was flawless-showing us all what a true superstar drag queen can do.After she welcomed the contestants and the audience to the show Ru sat down with the first three girls who were eliminated. Penny showed off her reading ability, Serena Cha Cha admitted that she should have been a little less art-school and a little more glam and Monica Beverly Hillz discussed being a transgender drag queen. Ru asked her if a transgender woman could be a drag queen? Monica said: “Drag is what I do, trans is what I am.” Things have gone well for Monica as she told the show that she was now a face model for a make-up line.

All the gurls

Other eliminated constestants told Ru how they had been doign since they left the competition. Vivienne Pinay has been doing make up tutorials online and now works for Alyssa Edwards. Honey showed off that under her caftan was a fitted bodice and sexy dress that proved she had been listening to the judge critiques. It was a reveal to rival Roxxxy or Detox. Someone who possibly hadn’t listened to the judges was Lineysha Sparx who still didn’t know who Diana Ross was. As Ru said-this is a sin that is almost unforgivable.

Next to have a go on Ru’s hot seat was Jade Jolie and Ivy Winters. Jade didn’t get a lot of screen time because the Ru and the audience all wanted to hear from Ivy. As well as seeing the fantastic costumes she made we heard why Ru always says “Ivvvyyy Winterrrs”. Turns out she was copying the way Latoya Jackson had introduced an artist called Edgar Winters back when she did a pay per view concert. Who knew? This was possibly a tenuous link to get Ms Jackson on stage to fill a little screen time.

When Alyssa and Coco Montrese came in front of Ru it looked like they had patched things up a little since leaving the show. Then the clip from Untucked where Alyssa’s father calls her was played and after Alyssa admitted she was starting to forgive him. But there was no forgiveness from Santino Rice about Alyssa dress-the worst in drag history. He threw a lot of shade over how she could tour that dress it was so bad. Clearly time had not softened his opinion.

One big draggy family

The queen who has softened was Detox. She looked fantastic all in grey and came across as humble, cheeky and thankful for the opportunities she now had.

Just as it became unclear how much longer the show could be dragged out the pit crew arrived. Of course they were in their underwear and it was a welcome distraction.

Want to change my oil?

When the final three came out they were asked questions from the fans. Jinkx said how nothing came of her crush on Ivy and she had actually hoped that it wouldn’t have been aired. Alaska confessed she didn’t feel that being part of Ro-Laska-Tox hurt her in anyway. Roxxxy then said how she felt bad about her dismissal of drag comedy and that is was not less, just different.

Before the winner was announced Ru had to crown Miss Congeniality of 2013 as Ivy Winters-no one deserved it more. But the winner of this year was Jinkx Monsoon. It is great to see that a queen with character and quirkiness was the winner. Well done Jinkx and #Drag hope you have a wonderful reign.


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