#DRAG by numbers

It seems like such a long time ago since we launched #DRAG. As a tribute to the last few months we’ve created a rather gorgeous looking infographic on infogr.am. It’s a fantastic site that lets you load different types of data into its system so that you can make beautiful graphs like ours.

Unfortunately we can’t upload it on to the site, but we can provide you with a link. CLICKY.

What we can do is bring you screenshots of what we made and explain what it all adds up to. At the time of making it all facts and figures were correct, but we bet they’ve increased since then!

Firstly, the #DRAG readers.

#drag readers

We received the highest number of views from the following 10 countries.

United Kingdom – 2,706

United States – 2,000

Canada – 205

Netherlands – 77

Spain – 77

Australia – 74

Philippines – 56

France – 56

Germany – 50

It’s brilliant to see that our highest views have come from the UK, meaning that our content is exactly what you guys are after. That said, we’ve been getting a mighty following from the USA followed by Europe. It’s brilliant to see that what we post is bringing in a worldwide audience.

#drag views uk

Where exactly are you?

#drag countries

Here are the top 20 countries that our wonderful readers come from:

United Kingdom

United States









Russian Federation



New Zealand






When you look at a world map and actually see which countries are the homes to our readers it’s crazy. We’re managing to get people from New Zealand! The statistics have been collected from all the way back in October, so that means this lot have been the most consistent in viewing our site.

Your favourite posts of all time:

We Get A Drag Over with 382 views

RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep11 Sugar Ball with 251

Doing it like a dude…#DRAG drags up! – 227 views

So you lot love to see us practising what we preach, as well as watching the future of the American drag scene being put to the test. That would certainly explain the number of American visitors we have on the site.



…and a stick man

#drag views

This is pretty good, and hopefully will continue to rise.

ATTENTION – since producing these colourful boxes we’ve actually achieved well over 6200 views.


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