This weekend was a #Drag

It was a weekend full of sun and tanning-a truly great May Bank Holiday. It was also a busy weekend for drag videos with two great ones coming out on YouTube.

The first one comes from our shores on Britain’s Got Talent. Singing duo Bosom Buddies from Manchester rocked the men in a dress look. This alternative style of drag queens with mustache has been growing on the drag scene-just look at Jimmy Woo.

It was this year’s SuBo moment when 48 year-old teacher and 29 year-old builder’s assistant sung an angelic rendition of ‘La Vie En Rose’. The two sound like they must be lip syncing as their voices juxtapose their shabby look. Of course the judges loved the variety and wow factor and sent the pair through with four yeses.

The second video came to us from someone in the drag community. It seems that Detox, Willam Belli, and Vicky Vox have got another single out. After the success of ‘Boy is a Bottom’ the group have now released ‘Silicone’. Using the music of Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my own’ they sing about their love of plastic surgery. It feels particularly poignant that Detox is the lead as she admitted in to being addicted to plastic surgery.

Of course all three girls look fantastic and there are great lyrics-check it out.

What do you think of ‘Silicone’? Is it better than ‘That Boy is a Bottom’? And who do you think will win Britain’s Got Talent? Do Bosom Buddies stand a chance?


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