Ticket prices for the hottest drag shows EXPOSED

Have you ever had a burning desire to go to a drag show, but been left confused by the ticket prices? Don’t you worry – we’ve got it sorted.  #DRAG has made innumerable calls in order to gain some clarity on London’s drag night scene, with some surprising results. Read on to find out exactly how much you could be paying for your night out…

As you can see, out of the 15 drag shows across London, most of the ticket prices (almost 50 per cent!) were between a reasonable one to five pounds.  However, perhaps even more surprising, were the amount of free drag shows that are around. As you can see in the second graph (see below), 20% of the most popular drag nights are in fact free to enter…that’s why #DRAG thinks it’s time to go out more often!
Just over a quarter of drag shows seem to cost between 6-10 pounds for an entry ticket after 10.30 pm. It’s worth pointing out however that most shows (except Madame JoJo’s – but more on that later) have free entry up until that time. So before you have your grand night out, make sure to check with the venue!
Lastly, as you can see in the data above, suddenly there has been a massive hike in ticket prices. And that is due to the infamous Madame JoJo’s. Even though ticket prices on a Wednesday cost a mere five pounds, on a Saturday this increases to a great £62.50 for VIP tickets. In case you’re not feeling as spendy, they also have tickets available ranging between 25 to 40 pounds.

#DRAG recommends…

Where to go for your cheapest night out: The Black Cap in Camden simply has the broadest range of ticket prices, depending on what day you decide to go out. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, tickets only cost £2, while Fridays and Saturdays cost £5 to get in. However, Sundays are totally free! And with cheap drinks and Drag Idol coming up, you are sure to be entertained.
If you feel like splashing your cash: As we mentioned before, anyone remotely interested in drag culture simply has to experience Madame JoJo’s. Even though their tickets are relatively expensive, their shows are legendary and simply unforgettable!  A quality night out.
If you feel like trying something new: Why not try a drag king night? Turns out that ladies can suit (and scrub) up pretty well!  Boi’s Night Out is held in Candy Ku Bar in buzzing Soho, and is free entry!
For our interactive map including drag nights, please follow this link: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zSuT-sOzMKE4.kvEKJkydpc0c 
And make sure to check out our review of Halfway to Heaven as well as our list of gay bars in North and South London.

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