RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep12 The Final Three Hunty

The times has finally come and feelings are mixed. On the one hand #Drag can’t wait to see who this year’s winner is; on the other we can’t believe it is over already. It’s like being at your best friends wedding, only with higher skirts and more bitching. So without further delay let’s get this show on the road.

From the start of the day it was already vicious. Detox left encouraging notes for both Roxxxy Andrews and Alaska, but not for Jinkx Monsoon. So Roxxxy wrote her own  from Detox to Jinkx: “Dear Jinkx, you sent me home you fucking hot fucking mess.” Roxxxy has never minced her words and she didn’t start now.

Michelle Vissage introduced the challenges this week as Ru was getting some work done. The top three will be part of RuPaul’s music video for ‘The Beginning’. Then they would star in a court room drama and play judge, defendant and prosecutor. To prepare for the roles the girls will get lessons from lawyer Gloria Allred and a one-on-one lunch with Ru.

Bend and snap

This year choreographer Candis Cayne spiced up the routine with some ‘chiffonography’ and ‘hairography’. Yes  a wind machine was FINALLY involved. Roxxxy breezes (pun totally intended) through whipping her back and forth. Alaska and Jinkx were not as smooth and found the fan difficult to work.

Jinkx is can’t master her hairography

But when filming the video Jinkx worked it. Mathu Andersen‘s story for the video is that the three queens  drive to heaven (the place in the sky, not the club in London) to meet mama Ru. Jinkx had fun bringing her comic personality to the role. But Alaska still struggled-mainly because she chose to use an Afro for her hairography. Only Beyonce can pull that off, and even she looked daft in Austin Powers.

Worst road trip ever?

Then the shoot got really hard. The music for the routine was sped up to 1.5 times normal speed. This was  to make sure the lip synching was perfect after being slowed down. Alaska couldn’t cope. The chiffon kept covering her face, while in the group routine she missed steps or dropped props. 

Next was the one-on-0ne session with lawyer supreme Gloria Allred. Alaska has no confidence so and is told she needs to in order to sell her self-missed off the fact she is funny and creative-come on girl!

Roxxxy came out with pageant babel about being strong even when she thought she wasn’t and not being perfect is perfect. Our British sensibilities wretched.  Gloria Allred also dismissed the comments. Instead she asked Roxxxy to focus on her rivals’ weakness, but to avoid sounding catty.

Jinkx also struggled to bash the competition. Unlike Roxxxy Jinkx respected the others too much to critics them.

The RuPaul lunch turned into a confession session. This probably should have happened earlier in the season as we got to learn more about the girls than ever before. Turns out  Jinkx’s mum was an alcoholic so Jinkx had to grow up fast. It is now clear that her drag persona is a way of making light of her cooky mum. Also her use of older roles may be because she never had a silly childhood.

Alaska confided in Ru that her greatest fear was of dying. She doesn’t want to loose all she has got and built with Sasha Needles. The confession seemed a bit over dramatic and obvious-surely most people fear dying?

In the court room drama the queens played all 3 characters: the the defence, the defendant and the prosecutor. Jinkx and Alaska shone. Their characters had  back stories with names,  quirks and gimmicks. Roxxxy struggled. She either played herself or said her character was ‘just a bitch’. The constant critiques by Mathu Andersen got to her and she exploded in the changing room. She said she felt the show was all about comedy and that she took her art more seriously. Roxxxy seemed to have missed the key to being an actress with understanding back stories and throwing yourself into the part.

Who played it best?

The next day Roxxxy still hadn’t calmed down about the court room challenge. She said: “Not all our characters have to be bafoons.” She is not happy that drag had been, in her eyes, made fun of in the competition. Both Alaska and Jinkx went against her saying that the scene was clearly meant to be comedic.

Roxxxy then plays pageant dirty. When Jinkx asked what had been her favourite moment of the competition she said: “seeing you in the bottom two”. This was all a way of riling Jinkx and it worked. She was furious.

For the runway Roxxxy is wearing a tight, shapely green dress with her characteristic huge hair. Jinkx looked like a fairy princess. Despite the great make up and hair, the dress was pedestrian. Although it was a gorgeous deep purple there was little detailing to make it stand out. Alaska came out with huge hair, fitted white lace dress with a deep V that flattered her flat chest.

Roxxxy looking fiiine

Jinkx all pretty in purple

The White Queen is here

After the runway walks and watching the clips from the day before the girls sold themselves to the judges. Both Roxxxy and Jinkx talked about how strong they were as competitors. Only Alaska listen to Gloria Allred and said how weak the others were compared to herself. But there was also just enough time for Roxxxy to sneakily apologies to Jinkx for what she had said earlier. A way to carry favour with the judges maybe?

All three girls nailed one aspect and flopped another. Roxxxy was great in the video, awful in court. Jinkx shone in court, but  failed the runway. While Alaska had two left feet in the music video, but gave a great defence speech.

After the judges deliberated all three finalists lip synced RuPaul’s The Beginning for the crown. Bad news for Alaska. The dance was so close to call that Ru couldn’t make a final decision. So she opened up to fans who could vote by either tweeting RuPaul’s Drag Race with #DragRace or going to their Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Get Glue, and the Wow report to also vote.

Although this feels like a cheap cop out/ploy to stretch the season it does mean the show is still going. So there is still more dragging to come-but before you must get voting. Next week will have behind the scenes clips as well as the premier of the music video. Then in 2 weeks the results will be announced.

If you are having difficulty voting click here for more recaps. If you know who will you vote for and why?


4 responses to “RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep12 The Final Three Hunty

  1. I think in one of the ‘Untucked’ in the past, Jinkx’s mum got brought up? Anyway, I’m voting for ‘anyone but Roxxxy’ at this point… winning Drag Race hasn’t been all about ‘looking pretty’ since Season 3 (and Roxxxy looks pretty, sure, but she had none of those ‘whoa’ looks that helped get Tyra or Raja the crown) and Roxxxy’s attitude gives me a headache just watching her.

  2. We must admitt that we missed the untucked episodes-always assumed it was filler, but have been corrected and will catch up once the race is over. I see what you’re saying Sunni about Roxxxy-she does look great, what a transformation, but her attitude stinks. Who do you want to win out of Alaska and Jinkx?

  3. Ahh, the untucked are mostly filler (and a lot of arguing/fighting going on back there) but now and then you get insights into the queens so I like to watch it. Plus it helps explain the random animosity that sometimes pops up in the workroom. Between Alaska and Jinkx… I honestly have no preference. It flip-flops back and forth between them so I would be good either way. I guess we’ll see tonight (although if tumblr is any indication I already know who will win..)

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