RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep11 Sugar Ball

You’d think being in the top four would make any drag queen happy. But when your three competitors are R0-Laska-Tox  think again. Jinkx Monsoon knew that at some point she was going to be thrown Regina-George-style under a bus.

The mini challenge was to drag up a puppet like one of the contestants and have a bitch fight. Jinkx got Detox and made fun of her plastic surgery. Detox got Alaska and made her whiny to replicate Alaska’s voice as well matting the doll’s hair. Roxxxy Andrews bitched against Jinkx bring up her narcolepsy as well as Jinkx’s nice girl image. She went a little too far saying that Jinkx was a fake. Even Ru said it was rude. Alaska brought the mood back up with her Roxxxy doll constantly removing more and more clothes to reveal other outfits.

Roxxxy gets Chucky

What lies beneath

Alaska’s accurate cries of “where my people at?” won her the task. Though the task was hilarious, #Drag was impressed with all the queens for laughing at themselves. It is something few (us included) can do.

For the main task  girls went off to the first ever Sugar Ball. And like Cinderella’s fairy drag-mother they had to whip up some looks that stop them looking like an ugly sister. They needed 3 styles- super sweet 16, sugar mama executive realness, and finally candy couture. Since Alaska won the challenge she got a 15 second head start to the sweet table, where all the ingredients for their high-calorie gowns sat. Roxxxy was confident she would win the challenge as she can sew. Jinkx might have struggled as 1) her taste has been questionable at times and 2) she doesn’t do young and lolly pop too well. This task would have been great for Ivy Winters or Jade Jolie.

Tensions were high in the preparation room. Ru didn’t like Roxxxy’s original concept so she started from scratch. Instead of a pink corset she created a dress out of laces. Detox was behind as she hasn’t fixed her look yet. Then Jinkx started breaking down candy canes with a hammer and the two were pissed. No one wanted to look like an Ugly Sister at this ball.

As well as having three costume changes the queens needed to perform a dance to Sugar Babies choreographed by challenge winner, and owner of two left feet, Alaska. No one went easy on her. Detox constantly picked her up on how unprepared she was, asking questions like “How do we enter?”, “What do we do next?”. Of course Alaska had none of the answers. The atmosphere got more intense as Roxxxy and Detox felt that Jinkx’s moves was off and told her. Jinkx said she wanted to avoid hitting Roxxxy, who responded: “If you hit me I’ll hit you right in the face. Just sayin'”. Roxxxy showed herself to be a vicious and unsubtle competitor.

Back in the work room Jinkx’s narcolepsy (remember that) kicked in. She couldn’t concentrate on her three dresses. She fell apart and Roxxxy couldn’t have been happier. But everyone had their own disasters. Detox’s didn’t look like any candy we’d want in our mouths. While Alaska’s didn’t fit. She couldn’t get the corset on and instead it broke. The only two who hadn’t lip-synced for their lives looked like they were going to.

Special guest invites to the ball went to Marg Helgenberger from CSI Vegas and designer to the divas Bob Mackie.

The dance turned out well. Although the choreography was simple it worked for the ‘it’s a small world’ style music.

Lick my lollipop

Then came the main event. All looked great, especially the sugar mama run. These outfits showed off their more serious skills as it asked for subtle style over obvious camp. Though of course the candy walks were the highlights.

Makes your fingers all sticky

Hard to beat


Gives you a sugar hit

Out of all the contestants Roxxxy, in our opinion, looked best in every look.

Despite her simple dance moves Alaska got compliments all round. Her sweet 16 reminded Marg of the girls she saw round her area of California. While Bob  thought her sugar mama was perfect and her candyfloss frock the best representation of the theme. Jinkx was criticised for deciding to ditch her hoop skirt as the judges felt there wasn’t enough candy on show. Roxxxy was complimented on all her looks and Bob even said she should make the candy dress for herself out of real fabric as the silhouette was so good.Detox was told that her sweet 16 and sugar mama looks were perfect, but her candy was not. It made Santino question her taste levels.

Then each of the girls nominated someone for elimination. Jinkx said Detox because she had fallen short most often. Alaska nominated Jinkx because she hadn’t matured enough through the competition, Roxxxy picked Jink because Jinkx didn’t step  up when put outside her comfort zone. Unsurprisingly Detox agreed with both Alaska and Roxxxy.

Alaska won the challenge and got through to the final with Roxxxy. This left Detox and Jinkx in the dance off. They lip synced to Mumbo No 1 by Yma Sumac. This was the best possible song for Jinkx because it let her do a funny dance and make the judges laugh with some silly faces. As the song was slow both dances were similar. They exaggerated their mouth movements and acted over the top. However, Jinkx had more of a presence than Detox.

It paid off and Jinkx got into the top 3 while Detox went home.  Thank god it wasn’t a Ro-Laska-Tox final. Instead the final 3 are – as  predicted- Roxxy Andrews, Alaska and Jinkx Monsoon. Who do you think is going to win? All three girls have won two tasks, but only Alaska has never been in the bottom two.

If you’ve missed any old episodes catch up here.


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