Review: Boi’s Night Out – Candy Ku Bar

I meet Adam All and Flirty Bertie, who are sipping on some drinks, in Candy Ku Bar in the centre of fashionable Soho. They are yet to dress up, but are determined to make it a good night. What they are doing is rather groundbreaking, after all. Ladies, it’s time to suit up: get ready for London’s very first night out for drag kings.

The night, called Boi’s Night Out, has only recently been launched in February this year. Flirty Bertie tells me that while the very first night was a bit quiet, it is slowly gaining more recognition and has been attracting heterosexuals, lesbians and drag queens alike.


Looking Dapper: Jay and Adam All

Looking Dapper: Jay and Adam All

And why wouldn’t it be the best way to see (or try) something different and exciting? Candy Ku Bar is an intimate venue, making it even more perfect for those who are shy or not used to dragging up. While the night out starts of quietly, more and more dapper-looking men with impressive beards and sideburns suddenly start coming through the doors. But it isn’t just drag kings who have shown up to be entertained. There are groups of friends, students, gays, and even individuals who have come down out of sheer curiosity.

The music is always up beat, covering a lot of ground. There’s hip-hop, jazz, some R ‘n B; whatever takes your fancy, you will undoubtedly find yourself dancing, or at the very least bouncing, along. It’s an incredibly social gathering. People seem to mix and  are chatty and friendly, unlike the vibe you’d expect at most other club nights. In fact, if you are looking for a whole new set of friends, this seems to be your go-to night.

Two drag kings take to the stage...

Two drag kings take to the stage…

Besides the tunes of Missy Elliot or LMFAO, there is also live entertainment for everyone to enjoy.  Karaoke is set up, and both Flirty Bertie and Adam All took to the stage in order to wow the crowds. Particularly Adam All seemed to have his performance skills down to an absolute tee as he high-kicks while belting out  ‘New York New York’  by Sinatra.  But anyone is invited to give performing a go, and two slick drag kings with impressive quiffs sing along to Grease’s classic tune ‘You’re the one that I want’. Guest performer Rose Collis also played an impressive set on her ukelele, having the crowd in stitches with her clever lyrics.

Overall, you should expect lots of dancing, singing, karaoke, impressive entertainment and socialising. Quite frankly, forget about channelling your ‘inner goddess’;  any lady should try and explore her ‘inner man’.

Check back with us next week in order to see one of our very own #DRAG writers give the drag king look a go!

Next Boi’s Night Out: 8th of May 2013

Star rating: ****

Best for: Entertainment, karaoke, socialising, finding your ‘inner man’.

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