RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep10 Super Trooper

Usually there’s at least a brief moment of respect for when a girl leaves the competition, not this week. As soon as everyone came back into the work room Coco Montrese said she felt “as if a weight had been lifted off her”, while Jinkx Monsoon made a fat joke. The whole group now saw Jinkx as the main threat and they wasted no time in ganging up on her. Jinkx is going to have to be tough to go against Ro-Laska-Tox and Coco. The race has got dirty.

For this week’s mini-challenge the drag queens went to booty camp. Equipped with high heels, short shorts, and breasts Jordon would be proud of they needed to out last each other in a workout class. Their coach was the very hot Storm and it was easy to ignore his ridiculous name when you saw how pretty he was . There were pull ups, star jumps, sit ups-it looked like America’s Biggest Loser. And Jinkx was not happy as working out makes her “ugly”. But she came an admirable second to Alaska.

Spot the hotty

After the challenge Ru talked a lot about “serving your country” and “giving back”. Then 5 gay marines walked in, all who served before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell  was repealed. What these soldiers did was an admirable feat that should always be celebrated. Especially when some them are so cute- I’m sure they managed to find some barracks buggary under the radar. To give back the queens  dragged up the vets in the girls’ own style and come up with a patriotic colour guard routine.  As the winner Alaska got to decide the pairs. She gave her two biggest competitors  Roxxxy Andrews and Jinkx, the older  marines, while Coco, Detox, and herself got the younger, hot ones. Sabotage? Of course!

Although Jinkx may have been at as an aesthetic disadvantage her navy marine had character. Dave was a genuine friend of Dorothy since he knew Judy Garland. Jinkx, being a positive person, saw it as an opportunity to work with “one of the coolest, sweet person in the room”. Also turns out dear old Dave was the one who told Judy all about a certain new sleeping pill that had come out #IThinkHeKilledJudyGarland


Detox was equally happy with her marine Jesus who she discribed as “really hot, and a sissy”. He seemed very comfortable with his heels, but I am sure walking down the runway was no different to walking on parade. Of course she got him naked (thank you for that!) and ask him out. Turns out he was single 😉

Hunky marine

Roxxxy was furious about her vet. Her marine was the shortest and  hairiest, which was difficult to work with.

Coco was nervous as well (when isn’t she?) as her huge vet Steve may but cute, but was not a natural in heels. He often tripped and since he towered above Coco risked crushing her if he fell the wrong way.

This week Ru showed her sensitive side by not attacking the queens, but instead getting the vets’ back stories. Tales like on how Steve joined the military to learn how to be a real man show how much internalised homophobia still affects many men and women. Jesus said to Ru that the armed forces were much better now and he can be himself.

As the makeup was put on it became confession time. Jinks heard how Dave was discharged from the military after he was caught with some other marines in a gay bar. One of them was even court-martialled because it was illegal to be gay at the time. Detox told Jesus about the car accident she was in that caused her to get a lot of work done on her face.

This week’s guest judges were What Not To Wear’s Clinton Kelly and Fashion Police’s George Kotsiopoulos.

Bring on the girls. There was Roxxxy and Isabella Andrews.

Roxxxy and Isabella Andrews

Coco and Horchata Montrese

Coco and Horchata Montrese

Jinkx and Fortuna Monsoon

Jinkx and Fortuna Monsoon

Detox and Beth Adone

Detox and Beth Adone

and finally Alaska and Nebraska.

Alaska and Nebraska

During the critics both the ‘less desirable’ marines were showered in compliments. Roxxxy and Jinkx had both worked hard  and it worked. Alaska was not as fortunate. Despite having the best initial canvas she didn’t use it as well as she could have. Nebraska looked fierce, but flaws in the routine as well as the outfit and her poor thigh padding meant there was little praise. Beth Adone got a few compliments, but Detox’s poor show and sour attitude were noted. Coco also didn’t fair well. Santino picked her up on her inability to do others’ make up while Clinton Kelly criticised the dress saying it looked like it was made up of scraps from Coco’s outfit.

Roxxxy won this week’s challenge while Jinkx and Alaska got through. So it was Coco (for the 4th time) and Detox (for the 2nd time) in the bottom two. They performed a lip sync to It Takes Two by Seduction. Coco had all the energy, moving around with a smile on her face and her lips in time. Detox was more refrained for the start, but then has fun with some vintage dance moves. At the end Detox went through and Coco went home. She may not have won, but at least she beat Alyssa.

Who do you think will be in the top 3? And who will win? The #Drag team believe the top 3 will be Jinkx (never in the bottom 2 and 2 wins), Roxxxy (two wins and  immunity), and Alaska (never in the bottom 2). Sorry Detox, but you just don’t gel with the judges it seems.

If you’ve missed any old episodes catch up here.


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