RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep8 Scent of a Drag Queen

After RuPaul kept both Roxxxy Andrews and Alyssa Edwards in the competition the girls return to the work room in silence. Roxxxy’s tearful break down seemed to have brought the group together. Roxxxy apologised to Jinkx Monsoon for her attacks. But Alaska’s mind was still on the competition. She admited that she was gutted she didn’t win the challenge. Her dismay wasn’t helped by Coco Montrese’s bragging that she beat “the funny girls”.

For the first time this season there was no battle cry of “Ro-Laska-Tox”. Has the group finally disbanded? There was no time to wonder as the first challenge started with 22 toned men walking into the pit.

Andrew Christian models

The queens all got hot under the collar for this pit crew. Designer Andrew Christian-yes that’s the Andrew Christian of the infamous ads- was there to set the challenge.

The contestants played “What are you packin’?” with the Andrew Christian models. They asked each model to drop his trousers to show his boxers. The aim of the game was to find the matching pairs as fast as possible. This was a game you wanted to lose as it meant more of this:

Dropping trou

And this:

No match

Yes the producers had finally stepped it up.

Because she was the fastest matcher Ivy Winters won a phone call home. Ru told the girls that the main challenge was to create and market their own fragrances. They need to come up with the name, scent, package, and star in the commercial.

Both Ivy and Roxxxy were confident they would win. Ivy has always wanted her own perfume, while Roxxxy said that being a pageant girl will help with the advert.

As this goes on a new relationship finally takes centre stage. Jinkx and Ivy  both feel in awe of each other. Jinkx sayid that Ivy is the only one that gets her. Ivy said Jinkx was “amazing” and she could relate to her. There was definitely a little bit of flirty chemistry going on.

After a few typical critiques from Ru the queens got to film their commercial. The ads were directd by Michelle Vissage and special guest judge Aubrey O’Day. Jinkx started off with her perfume Delusion. She had the two models asleep on the chair after a threesome and Jinkx licked her lips. The start was so sexual that Michelle needs to remind her that it is an advert for perfume not dildos.

Delusion by Jinkx Monsoon

After mistaking a Tokyo backdrop for her hometown of New York City Ivy’s advert didn’t get much better. She was jerky as she tried to provide energy to Dress Code and constantly forgot her lines.

Dress Code by Ivy Winters

Although Coco could sell Ru Animale with her tone and confidence her advert hurt because of all the leopard print. The walls and dress were all leopard so it hurt to watch.

Ru Animale by Coco Montrese

Detox’s Heroin commercial made Aubrey O’Day giggle, but was unmemorable. She whispered her lines to be sexy, but it came across and obvious and forced.

Heroine by Detox

Once again Alyssa’s humour flatlined with the crowd. She didn’t seem to realise that she is not a comedian. Unfortunately for the two directors they also had to hear her forget her lines to her Secret’s advert.

Alyssa’s Secret by Alyssa Edwards

Roxxxy also had trouble with her lines.  Thick & Juicy’s sell was going to be “smells so good you can eat it”. However, since you can’t eat perfume she had to change her line and couldn’t come up with anything.

Thick & Juicy by Roxxxy Andrews

Out of all the girls Alaska seemed to t impress the judges the most. Aubrey O’Day said she loved Red for Filth and that Alaska knew exactly what she wanted.

Red for Filth by Alaska

On elimination day while the others were getting ready Ivy got to call her mum. It brought tears to your eyes as she told her mum how much she appreciated her support. While Ivy is out of the room Jinkx told everyone that she had a crush on her (shock-horror). The others didn’t seem to take the news with a lot of shock or offer any support.

On the runway we meet the second guest judge Dallas ‘ Joan Van Ark.

The girls that hit the mark were Alaska and Detox because both their ads were daring and made the panel laugh. Jinkx also got some giggles and Joan said it was her favourite ad. For a second week in a row Michelle praised Jinkx’s outfit. Has she finally turned a corner? Will she no longer need to whisper “water off a duck’s back”?

Coco missed the mark because she had too much leopard print while Ivy was too awkward. Alyssa was told her come to bed eyes were like a serial killer’s. Despite the commercial coming across a lot better than expected Roxxxy was criticised for being unprofessional and unprepared.

When the girl’s left the judges had a whiff of their perfumes. Alyssa’s was like a “Kardashian sex tape” while Ru Animale was like “mating time at the zoo” and didn’t express Coco at all. Alaska was the only one that  Aubrey O’Day would wear as it didn’t smell like “grandma’s vag”. Ivy’s bottle was compared to a Christmas ornament. Detox didn’t get the usual praise for her runway look. Instead it was described as “home made”, but the judges did enjoy her advert. Michelle said Jinkx was beautiful while  Aubrey O’Day said Roxxxy was tacky.

The winner this week was a very relieved Alaska. The bottom two were Ivy and Alyssa. This is the first week a #Drag  favourite has been in the bottom two and it was tense. The lip synced to Ain’t nothing going on, but the rent. Ivy decides to stay still so that RuPaul can focus on her lips, while Alyssa brings the energy. Ivy’s strategy is risky as it could come across as lacking passion.

The gamble didn’t pay off and Ivy is asked to leave. Although she was going to have to leave eventually it is a shame that we will no longer have her twinky face to gaze at in the dressing room.

How do you feel about Ivy leaving? Who are you supporting now?

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