RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep 6 RuPaul Roast

  1. After Jade Jolie’s departure both Alaska and Coco Montrese are shaken. Neither have won a challenge yet. Having been in the bottom two twice Coco vowed to step up her game. Alaska has realised she may have to break away from Ro-Laska-Tox if she is going to win. She doesn’t even do their traditional war chant when she comes in the next day. Instead Alaska says: “Alaska”. Ro-Laska-Tox becomes Ro-Tox. Could this be the episode when the division/blow out finally happens? Oh editors you are such teases.

  2. “I don’t want to be part of Ro-Laska-Tox; I wanna be…. Alaska” #DragRace
  3. The scene is set for a confrontational episode when the mini-challenge has the contestants roasting each other. This means they have to throw offences at one another. Every insult is cutting, astonishing, and hilarious. Each queen takes the thrashing with good grace and laughs along. Although all punchs had Ru in stitches Alaska won. After all the build up of her new found Beyonce-esque independence this came as no surprise.

    The main challenge was to come up with material that let Ru “have it”. An intimidating challenge as the girls had to tread the line between cuttingly hilarious and inappropriately rude. They got help from Deven GreenBruce Vilanch, and Nadya Ginsburg.
  4. Fav moment 3: Bruce Vilanch’a breasts are the biggest at the table. Fun fact: he is a former plus sized child model. I kid you not. Luv it.
  5. As winner of the mini-challenge Alaska got to decide the order of the roasting. She asked for preferences and everyone wanted the middle position. It’s certainly all about spit-roast imagery this week. As no one wanted to go first Alaska volunteered herself, much to disapproval of Coco. She said: “That’s the hardest one. Wrong move.”
    Nerves were as high as ever. Jinkx Monsoon knew she had to prove that she deserves this season’s comedy tiara. While Ivy Winters’ sweet nature meant she might struggle. She was so nervous she didn’t stop gnawing the skin around her fingers. Luckily she had immunity so could let it slide if necessary.
  6. Instead of Ru this week, Michelle Visage came to help. She asked Alaska how she chose the order. On hearing that Alaska did it fairly she had one question. “Are you going for Miss Congeniality or America’s Next Drag Superstar?” she asked.
    She gave Ivy a bit of a roasting as the queen failed to come up with funny material. Still we don’t need to worry as she had immunity.
    Alyssa Edwards didn’t fare much better as Michelle accused her of throwing insults not jokes. The difference is subtle, but she pointed out-jokes offer you a pass only if they are funny.
    Once she has sufficiently scared all the contestants one-on-one she let loose the final bombshell. The roasting was done in front of a live audience. Every bad joke would now be 100 times worse.
     With the trainers her nerves let her down. Jinkx was constantly stumbling over her lines.
    Ivy was too nice and held back. “RuPaul how do you get to be supermodel of the world? When you find out can you let me know?”
    Coco was asked to be more lighthearted and less malicious after she attacked Ru’s make-up skills.
    None of the girls can find the correct balance between being funny and being scathing. All of them insult rather than amuse.
    As a warm up on elimination day the girls fired lines while at the make-up mirrors. This turned into a shouting match when Roxxxy Andrews and Coco refused to accept Jinkx’s mild mannered routine. “Many jokes and two faces. Jinkx Monsoon,” said Coco.
  7. Why the fuck are they ALWAYS messing with Jinkx?! Coco and Roxxxy needs to zip it! More like bullying if anything @RuPaulsDragRace
  8. coco alyssa and roxxxy why are they even bashing on jinkx she didnt do anything to piss them off
  9. the smack coco, alyssa and roxxxy blandrews talked about jinkx tonight might be the most esoteric, wafer-thin critique i’ve ever heard.
  10. The guest judges tonight are Leslie Jordan (the little one from Will & Grace) and Absolute’s Jeffrey Moran.

    Alaska opened the show with great style. She joked about Leslie Jordan saying he was the only person to sleep with more gay men than Michelle Visage. She took on RuPaul’s age in the industry saying she was so old her colostomy bag was made of wood.
    Roxxxy follows with another age joke that falls flat and his attack at Michelle’s make-up was stuttered and awkward. Coco’s persona of an old friend of Ru’s went down a treat. Despite saying she wasn’t a comedian she managed to have the whole room laughing. Jinkx kept them laughing with flawlessly delivered jokes that accused Michelle of being fall of semen-period. Bet Jinkx enjoyed finally dishing out the lines to Michelle and not the other way around.
    When Ivy came on she thankfully didn’t fall flat. But she is not a comedian.
  11. Ivy winters is beautiful sings like an angel and hand designs all her costumes she doesn’t need to be funny
  12. I love Ivy Winters…..’ Look. That’s it. She needs more personality. If she was funny, she’d be my favorite.
  13. It could have been worse-she could have been Alyssa. That girl doesn’t get the difference between accurate comedy and being a b**ch.Detox closed the show with a killer, if rather expletive, performance.
  14. Aww go Jinx! Coco and Alaska were good too. Detox slipped but was still funny #dragrace #RuPaulRoast
  15. Loved the #RuPaulRoast! Coco and Alaska were SO. FUCKING. FUNNY. Jinkx and Detox were good, too. Alyssa and Roxxxy though…ouch. #DragRace
  16. The judges critics were all fairly standard and expected. Except Michelle Visage’s complement at Jinkx’s outfit-FINALLY.


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