RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep 6 Can I get an Amen.

  1. At #Drag we are open to other points of view. You can disagree with what we feel, we won’t be offended. Except if you hate on Jennifer Lawrence-that’s just not allowed. How can you be mean after her honest reaction to Jack Nicholson.
  2. So this week we will let twitter tell you what about the major highlights of the episode.

    Of course there was an Ro-Laska-Tox entry and Twitter still enjoys them. At least most of twitter does.
  3. Ro-laska-tox may possibly be the most annoying thing EVER!!! Iv-inkx to win 😉 #DragRace @JinkxMonsoon @Ivy_Winters
  4. The first challenge this week was to put make up on in the dark.
  5. Surprisingly most of the make up wasn’t bad. Alyssa Edward’s and Detox’s were even good.
  6. However Coco Montrese’s shading left little to be desired.
  7. I knew Coco’s make up was gonna SUCK in the dark. #DragRace
  8. Detox won the challenge giving her a huge advantage in the main task. This week the queens had to form a band and perform an inspirational track.Think Live Aid in heels. The group was split into three teams and each one was chosen by Detox.

    The diva was devious about her choices. Her team was of course Ro-Laxa-Tox. The second team was Ivy Winters, Jade Jolie, and Jinx Monsoon. That left Coco and Alyssa together again. Although the contestants made a big deal of it audiences are getting tired of the drama.
  9. I am BEYOND tired of both Alyssa and Coco. Both of them can go home. In fact, all of these but … #DragRace #GetGlue…
  10. Can the Alyssa Edwards/ Coco Montrese drama just go away?! It’s not interesting anymore. #DragRace
  11. The three groups worked on the different bits of the same song. Again Detox used tactics. She  gave Alyssa and Coco the first part (the hardest), the second team the second verse, and kept the bridge (the best) for Ro-Laska-Tox.
  12. Detox, there was nothing wrong with pairing Alyssa and Coco or making them go first, but you can’t deny that it was sabotage. #dragrace
  13. Every team was having some difficulty with their parts. Coco put no effort in at all while Alyssa admitted she can’t sing. Jade felt ignored by Ivy and Jinkx. While Alaska knew she needed to stand out from the rest of Ro-Laska-Tox if she was going to stay.

    This week the special judges are the Pointers Sisters and La Toya Jackson. Of course everyone (both online and on the program) went a little mental.

  14. Only drag queens get excited over Latoya Jackson #DragRace
  15. Happy that #DragRace has introduced The Pointer Sisters to the Ke$ha generation. I hope they check them out. @RuPaulsDragRace
  16. In the recording studio we meet the smokin’ Lucian Piane.
  17. Lucian Piane is even more adorable this year on @RuPaulsDragRace than last year. Is that even possible? #CutiePatootie
  18. Coco start the track and shows some seriously unprofessional attitude.
  19. I really thought Coco would be more mature than this. She has been carrying this attitude all season. It must be heavy. #dragrace #rpdr
  20. I kind of want to see coco and Alyssa in the bottom two tonight. Hopefully coco goes home from that because her attitude sucks. #DragRace
  21. Whoa, on #dragrace this week, what is w/Coco’s attitude? Last time she was paired w/Alyssa they won. Sick of her-bad attitude-go home.
  22. It meant that there was no chemistry between her and Alyssa, so the song fell flat. The second verse went better, though Lucian told Jade she needed to be more confident. Ivy was full of confidence and easily saved the verse.
  23. On the final verse Roxxxy and Detox joked around too much and it started to rub Alaska up the wrong way.

    After the recording session Coco was in a bad mood. Even Alyssa seemed concerned. Coco then accused Detox of trying to sabotage her. Although that was clearly Detox’s intention she denied it. This started a shouting match across the changing room of Detox accusing Coco of bitching.
    The theme for this week’s runway was show off your best body part. Turns out Detox thinks all her body is worth showing off. She says she has certainly paid enough for it. She has had work done on her hips, pecs, arse, abs, brow, under her eyes, -breathe- her lips, her chin, her jaw, her shoulders, and a little on her bicep.
  24. where does Detox get all the money for that plastic surgery? #dragrace
  25. I think it’s horrible that Detox had so much plastic surgery. Um ew. No wonder she looks terrible. Sorry ’bout it. #AllTAllShade #DragRace
  26. That’s a LOT of plastic surgery, Detox! Da-yamn. #DragRace
  27. Was anyone surprised by Detox plastic surgery admission? Doubt it! #dragrace
  28. As Jinkx and Jade put on their make up Jade talks about coming out. She had no one to support her and was in a very dark place for a long time. She beings to cry in her VT, but still wears her huge smile. A gorgeous image.
  29. Jade is telling a sad coming out story which by the rules of reality television means that she’s going home tonight. #DragRace
  30. Coco’s outfit showed off her heart. In a leotard that exposed her rib cage she shows her glittery love muscle (the romantic one).
  31. I can’t really say I’m in love with Coco’s runway stile this week #DragRace
  32. Did anyone besides me think of Sharon Needles with Coco’s runway? I liked it, & was proud of her variety: edgier than I expected. #DragRace
  33. Alyssa showed off her long tanned leg in her short caftan.
  34. during Alyssa’s runway you guys hear @michellevisage throwing shade at Honey? LMFAO! Love Michelle!!!!!!! #DragRace
  35. Alyssa should get read on the runway since she’s basically wearing Jinkx’s look from last week in a different color. #dragrace #rpdr
  36. Jade wore a sleeveless dress to demonstrate her arms. She said she got her petite arms by never carrying more than 2 kg. The dress was certainly very bright, but went too far back to her lollipop looks.
  37. OMG, I totally used to own that monokini Jade Jolie wears during the runway challenge. Drag is in my heart! #DragRace
  38. Ivy had a great twist on the theme. To show off her face she her dress was made pictures of it.
  39. When I saw @Ivy_Winters’s AMAZING outfit, I was reminded of the Leslie’s wedding dress on Parks and Rec! #DragRace
  40. @Ivy_Winters the dress you made with pictures of yourself was fabulous!!! I absolutely loved it!! #DragRace
  41. It was hard to see what Jinkx was showing off in her buttoned up outfit. She looked dressed for a wealthy funeral.

    Roxxxy shows off ALL her body. It wasn’t subtle, but it was hot.
    Alaska was cheeky and showed off her one collar bone. Let’s hope the judges get the quirkiness.
  42. Alaska looks good but yeah, her walking on the runway could be a LOT better #DragRace
  43. alaska literally serving fish on the runway. #DragRace
  44. Alaska looks so sweet on the runway. I like this side of her! #DragRace
  45. Like Roxxxy Detox surprised the judges. At the front her black dress looks simple. But when she turns around you can see her sculpted arse. The best costume of the night.
  46. Oh wow detox really showed us her best ASSet 😉 ROLASKATOX SLAYED THE RUNWAY TONIGHT! #DragRace
  47. #Detox brought Jessica Rabbit to life on the @RuPaulsDragRace runway. Served body to everyone on #DragRace
  48. OMG I know! #Detox‘s runway dress: SICK! Absolutely stunning, along w/Roxxxy and Ivy Winters. Jade was a clown, really! #DragRace
  49. After all the girls had walked we got to see the music video. Coco looked bored and as if she didn’t want to be there.
  50. Coco looked as dry in that video as brownie mix with out oil #DragRace
  51. Although Alyssa didn’t sing well, she fared better than Coco as at least she looked into the task.

    The second verse had a lot more chemistry. The girls interacted with each other. Ivy and Jinkx had fantastic voices that totally outshone poor Jade. Re-Laxa-Tox also nailed it and had great chemistry.
    During their critics the judges find out about Ro-Laska-Tox. Michelle gives them some advice. She says: “Remember this is a competition. Cliques can be dangerous.”
  52. “@LogoTV: Do you agree with Michelle’s criticism of Ro-laska-tox? #DragRace” hell yea! Im so sick of it
  53. “@LogoTV: Do you agree with Michelle’s criticism of Ro-laska-tox? #DragRace” Yes
  54. “@LogoTV: Do you agree with Michelle’s criticism of Ro-laska-tox? #DragRace” Yes. To quote Ms. Beyond “This ain’t Rupauls Best Friend Race”
  55. RT @LogoTV: Do you agree with Michelle’s criticism of Ro-laska-tox? #DragRace Absolutely!!
  56. In the whole critic Michelle is harsh.
  57. Michelle Visage needs to get over her grudge against Jinkx. Seriously, it’s getting old #dragrace
  58. Well damn Michelle do you have anything nice to say about anybody #DragRace
  59. um… when did Michelle Visage become Simon Cowell? Has she needed to change her tampon all season? #noTnoShade #dragrace
  60. Ivy Winters was this week’s winner.
  61. Jinkx, Roxxxy, and Alyssa both got through. Although Detox and Alaska also got through they were told they needed to stop relying on the same gimmicks.

    So Coco and Jade had to lip sync to “I’m so excited”. Despite Jade putting in a lot of energy and pop Coco kills it. She is well coordinated,  has the energy, and looks like she is finally having fun.
  62. Her tears are fake as hell & she needs blending lessons but damn CoCo can werk it in a lip sync showdown. #DragRace
  63. @RuPaulsDragRace @rupaul Did I see Coco throw “The Carlton” into her lip-sync? #dragrace
  64. It was a quick decision to ask Jade to leave.
  65. Ru sent Jade home??? Jade & Coco should have both stayed. They killed that lip sync #dragrace
  66. #DragRace At least Jade tried this week. Coco LITERALLY gave up and was called out for it. Her lip sync should NOT have saved her!
  67. Are you as tired of Ro-Laska-Tox as twitter is? Let me know in the comments below.

    Catch up on other episodes from this season here.

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