Google And Drag

This week we’ve been pretty obsessed with Google. It’s a pretty awesome tool (almost as good as YouTube, but not quite. Singing goats anyone?)

We’ve decided to make the most of what it has to provide and did a bit of research. Prepare to be geekified.

Below is a Google Trends chart. We typed in “Drag Queen” and observed how popular the phrase has been, as well as others like it, from 2004 to present day in the United Kingdom. We also clicked on the ‘forecast’ option to see what the future holds for the popularity of the Drag Queen. That’s what the dotted line at the end is. The result was this:

google trends drag queen

According to that blue line, the interest in drag queens peaked in July 2011. After dropping pretty quickly, it’s been steadily moving along at a regular pace and is fore cast to do the same for the rest of the year. Pretty exciting!

Google was also kind enough to provide us with the most searched for terms and where they’ve come from.

google trends words drag queen

Unsurprisingly, Brighton came out on top (we’re counting down until June for Gay Pride!), followed by London and then Manchester.

So, what did we do with all this useful information? We turned it into a pretty image from a useful site called Tagxedo. We definitely prefer this version!

These results show that there needs to be a greater interest in the world of Drag, and that’s where we come in. We want to inspire the next generation of performers, queens, designers and fans.

tagxedo google trends

We loved this so much, we decided to make our own from the #Drag website. See the beautiful results below.

hashtagdrag tagxedo

Are you surprised by the results? Let us know @hashtagdrag or send us an email:

Inspired to make your own? Head to


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