RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep 5 Snatch Game

  1. Yes yes yes. We are very excited this week. As you may have guessed it’s time for this season’s Snatch Game. ANTM has makeovers where at least one pretty girls turn into boy. Well Ru has Snatch, where are fabulous queens turn into famous pop icons. It challenges their improvisation skills, wit, and ability to impersonate; three of the cornerstones of drag. It’s a real test for everyone.

    The claws come out at the very start of the episode. Jade Jolie is not happy that Alyssa Edwards said she should have gone home. Jade attacked Alyssa’s outfit saying “it was not pretty” how she had squeezed into it. Alyssa seems to making more and more enemies. I wonder if this will come and hurt her later on?
  2. The start of the new day started with the traditional “Re-Laska-Tox” cry. We have started to get a little tired of it. These three girls may be very strong, but their clique is becoming dull.

    After a cryptic She-mail about fallen stars getting reality shows Ru appears and asks the group to style a slanket in 30 minutes. They then perform their very own US Weekly style “Who wore it best?” for senior editor Ian Drew. For those not familiar with US Weekly it’s an American celebrity news and gossip magazine. It’s their Closer.
  3. There were three different styles-zebra, giraffe, and flamingo (i.e. pink). Detox out striped in zebra, Roxxxy won tall in the giraffe round, and Alyssa was pretty in pink. Since it is Snatch week they don’t become team captains, but did get an US Weekly goodie-bag.

  4. This should be Jinkx Monsoon’s strongest round as her whole USP is creating characters. Instead of going for more mainstream icons, such as Taylor Swift (Jade), Katy Perry (Alyssa) or Ke$ha (Detox) Jinkx goes for Little Edie. The other contestant’s hadn’t heard of her so Jinkx had to explain.

    Little Edie was the first cousin of Jackie O and had a privileged upbringing. She was even a model and fashion leader in her youth. She then became a shut in after her mother lost their money. She then developed alopecia because of the stress. Her shut in life became a national scandal when it was shown the squalor they lived in. More details came to light because of the documentary Grey Gardens. She sounds like a heart shattering figure.
    It was certainly a risky character, and Jinkx admitted that, but it in this competition you do have to take risks. Her odd choice quickly isolates her from the others who find her form of drag too different and unglamorous. They tease her because they don’t know who Little Edie is.
    Jinkx relates to how misunderstood Little Edie is. When we see her open up like this it made our hearts melt. She appears to be the most shy queen and we want her to go far so she can become more confident.
  5. The rest of the contestants went for more modern celebrities. Coco Montrese is Janet Jackson. Coco admits she has played Ms Jackson many times before so we expect her to be a strong contendor this week.

    Jade is the adorkable Taylor Swift who fits the bubblegum persona she sometimes uses.
    Roxxxy Andrews is Tamar Braxton. I think that’s someone only American audiences know.
    Alyssa is Katy Perry, someone she is nervous about because she isn’t sure she can make her funny. In fact this week is not Alyssa’s strongest week and she should be thankful she has immunity.
    Alaska plays Lady Bunny who has to be hilarious  for Ru. He sees her as one of the funniest people he has ever met.
    Ru seems to be able to make everyone he speaks to nervous.
    The same thing happens to Ivy Winters who is Marilyn Monroe. Ru asks Ivy how she can make Marilyn funny and she is stumped.
    He also wonders how Detox will make Ke$ha funny. Although Detox is close to Ke$ha that may be a disadvantage as she won’t be able to mock her friend as easily.
    Finally Ru comes to Lineysha Sparx who is going as Michelle Obama and it falls flat. She can’t make the first lady funny. She quickly takes the role of Celia Cruz instead as she feels more comfortable.
    The contestants on the Snatch game are MTV stars Julie Brown and Downtown Julie Brown. The performances were certainly mixed. Little Edie and Janet Jackson stood out. They were close to their characters as well as being funny. This was not the same for everyone else. Marilyn missed an obvious president joke, Celia’s humour fell flat, Ke$ha was a mess-she peed on the set-, and Katy Perry couldn’t come up with the hits.
  6. Everyone was nervous about immunity this week because the Snatch game had been hard. Alyssa, who must feel relieved she had immunity, lashes out at Jinkx. She tells Jinkx she needs more than one look on the runway. Jade defends Jinkx by criticising Alyssa’s runway style and calling her fat.

    The other girls get at Jinkx saying she is all comedy, but has no glamour. These attacks cause Jinkx to open up about how she has constantly defend her style of drag. It seems that comedy isn’t as important as style on the US scene. Although we are not one for a sob story, this one was touching and appeared genuine. We are rooting for you Jinkx! And so is twitter.
  7. and Jinkx is my new favorite, go Jinkx! *\o/*
  8. Photo: If Jinkx doesn’t make it all the way to the end, I will cry. You hear that, Ru? Don’t make me CRY.
  9. As they get ready there is even more shouting between Alyssa and Coco. Is it me or is this rivalry is starting to wear thin?. It would be good for it just to be explained and resolved. It’s been going on now for over 3 episodes and we still don’t know fully what happened.
    Now for the runway.
  10. This week’s theme is deadliest snatch. So lets just pay tribute to our favourite Ivy Winters who pulled off the goldfish look perfectly.
  11. Jade, Coco, and Alyssa were all safe in the first round. Though RuPaul tells Alyssa it is only because she has immunity.

    The rest make up the best and worst of the week. There is a heart wrenching shot of Jinkx mouthing “water off a duck’s back” as she fears she is in the bottom two.
    Detox was told that Ke$ha was’nt a great choice because she isn’t fun to hang around with. Also her jellyfish outfit did not go down well as it wasn’t very fitting.
     Roxxxy  got straight compliments this time. It appears to be back on her A game and safe from the bottom 3.
    The judges loved Alaska’s timing and humour.
    Equally they complimented Ivy’s dress, but told her that her Marilyn was dull.
    Lineysha was told that as usual she looked fantastic on the runway, but her Snatch character was awful. Although we love Lineysha it is quickly becoming obvious that she is one of the weaker queens left.
    Jinkx was predictably told that her outfit was not glamourous enough. But, she her confidence was lifted when the panel praised her Snatch game. She was crowned winner of this week’s episode. The relief on her face was brilliant.
  12. The bottom two were Lineysha and Detox. It was a tough lip sync to Cher’s Take Me Home. Lineysha was fierce and passionate, but Detox made the judges laugh with her mouth shaking.

    In the end comedy trumped style and Lineysha was sent home. It was the right out come as it was becoming clear that Lineysha was not as strong as the other girls.Re-Laska-Tox had another near miss. How long can the team stay together?
    Now that so many girls are gone who do you think will win? And who do you want to win?
    If you have missed other episodes of RuPaul season 5 click here to read more recaps.

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