Buffalo Girls @ Halfway to Heaven

What did you guys do this weekend? Something hedonistic, fun, but safe we hope.

Well #Drag went for the first time to Halfway to Heaven. This bar looks like it hasn’t realised the 80s has been and  (sadly) gone. The cubicles are wooden, the space is small, and there are pictures of drag queens all of the walls. Of course we loved it. It also played all our favourite tunes including Eurovision super hit Euphoria.


But back to why we were there. #Drag was seeing the Buffalo Girls perform thanks to a tip off from blogger and drag fan Jack Cullen. The band is made of Lady Lloyd who is possibly one of the wealthiest queens on the London scene at the moment. With five stable gigs a week she is quite the entrepreneur  Then there is also Baga Chipz, who many will know does the best Amy Winehouse impression.  She’s had put away the beehive for obvious reasons and has been trying out a variety of wigs over the last two years. Finally, now in  it seems Baga has settled on her new look – the mass of jet-black locks remain, but this time flowing out in Cher-esque bundles. The final member is Silver Summers, the baby of the group who has only been doing cabaret for 8 months.

The group performed a number of Sugababes songs, but unlike the American drag we have got use to on RuPaul there was no lip syncing  They all used the pipes God gave them and got the crowd going.

L-R: Baga Chipz, Lady Llyod, and Silver Summers

L-R: Baga Chipz, Lady Lloyd, and Silver Summers

The whole night was great and the girls looked amazing. They styled themselves on the rough and ready side, all in fitted black of varying skimpiness.


Rumor has it the girls may be doing some of their own material-#Drag certainly hope it is true. If last night is anything to go by it will be good, fun, and most importantly filthy.

Check out  news about venues in North, East and South London, as well as ticket prices across the capital.


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