RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap:Season 5; Ep 4 Black swan. Why has it got to be black?

  1. After a very brief bit of commiserations for Monica Beverly Hillz the girls quickly show their latest alliances. Jade Jolie tells us that Coco Montrese is her closest ally. The ying to her yang.
  2. While Vivienne Pinay calls Roxxxy Andrews an “attention whore” and “really annoying”. I wonder where this episode will go?

    For this week’s mini challenge Ru comes in looking like a discoqueen with an afro weave he borrowed from Beyonce. The challenge is to do a spontaneous dance off while sporting some fabulous wigs.
    All the queens gave it their best and some had some booylicious move. Surprisingly Alaska was more held back than you’d expect. She did not have the timing you’d imagine from the partner of Sharon Needles. Lets hope she isn’t in the dance off for a while so she can get some practice in.
    The two winners were Jinkx Monsoon, who did some fancy foot work as well as the splits, and Coco who has already shown her moves in last week’s dance off.
    The main challenge required the girls to be light on their feet and perform a ballet production of Ru’s life. One team will do the first act of “NoRupolagies”,a dnt he second team will try out the second act.
    Hearing it’s a week all about dance got Alyssa Edwards very excited as she calls herself a dancer. Let’s just hope she hasn’t set herself up for a fall.
  1. As always the winners of the mini-task became team captains. Coco’s first choice was easily the most shocking-her rival Alyssa. She clearly wants to win and knows that Alyssa is the best dancer so will help the team win.  The other members were Detox, Honey Mahogany, Roxxy-who was chosen over Coco’s ally Jade-and Vivienne.
On Jinkx’s team was Ivy Winters, Lineysha Sparx, Alaska, and Jade. Missing out Jade was a bit of a slap in the face, but shows Coco’s cut throat nature. That for us is more exciting to watch. Who wants everyone to get along?
The first sign of a potential disaster for Coco’s team is the fact that Alaska can’t dance. Which begs the question, why did Jinkx choose her? It was obvious from the mini-task that she had had no rhythm or formal training. She will be opening the show as Ru’s mum, not a role to be done badly if you want to stay in the competition.
In Coco’s team they begin to allocate roles and first up is the Good Ru Vs Bad Ru scene. Coco goes for the brave decision to have herself and Alyssa play the combating pair. She hopes that their chemistry will add to the scene. But Alyssa does not appreciate being cast as Bad Ru. Then Roxxxy will play host Ru while Vivienne will play America’s next drag. We can see where this will go can’t we? Vivienne has got to blow soon. Please say she does.
  • Helping choreograph the pieces are Nick Lazzarini and Travis Wall. Jade accurately sums them up as “dreamy”. And they are both GAY-see God really does love us. For the girls who have very little candy to play with this is a welcome release.

    Taken from flickr-original by movmt

    Nick-Taken from flickr-original by movmt

    Travis-taken from flickr. Original by Movmt

    Travis-taken from flickr. Original by Movmt

And the contestants are not the only ones who love the pair of them.


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