RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season5 Ep2 Lip Synch Eleganza Extravaganza

  1. As soon as the episode started new alliances came to light. In came Ro-Laska-Tox- Roxxxy, Alaska and Detox have already chosen their allies. It will be interesting to see if their hitched their carts to the rights (w)horses or if their treaty will fall apart as the competition hots up. Sadly there is still no further development on the Coco-Alyssa spat though, which is a shame.
  2. This week was all about the girls working their mouths. First off the 13 queens had to show how well they could move their lipsticked lips by miming one of Ru’s own songs. They either lip-synched to Tranny Chaser, LadyBoy, or Peanut Butter behind board of Ru herself.
  3. The winners of the competition were Serena Cha Cha, Detox, and Ivy Winters who became team captains for the next task.
  4. On a bit of a tangent isn’t Ivy Winters so pretty out of drag (see above)? And we are not the only ones who think so.
  5. @marilynmonnhoee 5th season I am for once attracted to one of the queens out of drag Ivy Winters. omggg He is perffff.
  6. Watching ep 2 of drag race and Ivy Winters out of drag is a hottie. #rawr
  7. The team captains then chose their team mates. On Serena’s team was Alyssa Edwards, Jinkx Monsoon, Roxxxy Andrews, and Jade Jolie, who was the last one to be picked. It must have been like high school all over again and she wasn’t even with someone she liked. They had to perform a scene from 3 where Shangela threw a drink at Mimi Imfurst, in front Mariah and Raja and Delta Work have a bitch session.
  8. In their rehearsals the team did not gel. WIth Jade getting given a left over part (Delta) while Jinkx had a small breakdown because Alyssa was so hard on their Shangela vS Mimi scene. On top of that no one really approved of Serena’s choice of avant-garde performance.
  9. In Detox’s team was Alaska (unsubtle choice), Monica Beverley Hillz,and Coco Montrese. They had a scene from season 4 which included Phi Phi O’hara and Alaska’s partner Sharon Needles. Alaska chose not to do Sharon because she “does him” all the time anyway, but instead does a great Phi Phi. However Monica seems very distracted and confesses to have a secret. We wonder if we will ever find out? (Yes of course we do)
  10. Monica beverley hillz? Tf were you this episode?
  11. And in Ivy Winters’ team was Lineysha Sparks, Vivienne Pinay, and Honey Mahogany. They had season 2 and all seemed to work well together, except Lineysha who did not seem to be taking it seriously at all. This had the whole team worried that she wouldn’t be able to pull it off on the main stage.
  12. On the main stage, with special guest judges Juliette Lewis and Kristen Johnston all the girls looked amazing. But special shout out should go to Jade who looked more sexy than sweet and Ivy who towered about the rest.
  13. When it came to the drag scenes the results were clear. Serena absolutely lip-stank while Lineysha  was incredible. This meant her team won and she was the overall winner. Maybe she could give Beyonce some lessons.
  14. Get ready for the shock of the episode. The bottom two came down to Serena (no shocker) and Monica (no shocker) who the judges thought appeared a bit distracted. But as she was told she was in the bottom Monica came out with her secret-she is a transition woman. She is first transitioning woman to come out ont he show while it is still rolling.
  15. Let’s keep it real though. Monica Beverly Hillz has got some SERIOUS sex appeal
  16. Umm ok sooo Monica Bev Hillz is transgender…sooo WHAT!! Werk it BYTCH n serve deez bytchez
  17. I think that Monica Beverly Hillz’s “transgender” confession seemed pretty contrived, and had nothing on the Ongina HIV announcement.
  18. Audiences reactions appear to be a little mixed, but overall positive. However, her confession wouldn’t secure her a place in the next round. Luckily her dance moves did as she blew Serena out of the competition. Although Serena did yet another splits, it was not enough to save her and she sashayed away.

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