Ru Paul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 5; Ep 1 RuPollywood or Bust

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Dragtastic RuPaul’s Drag Race is the America’s Next Top Model for drag artists and this year the 14 ladies in the competition are as passionate as ever. This year’s prize includes a life-time supply of Clear Evolution Cosmetics, a one of a kind holiday trip, headlining the drag race tour, and £100,000 in cash.

The first episode has set up the season to be the cattiest one yet.

first episode has set up the season to be the cattiest one yet.

Here are the contestants: AlaskaAlyssa EdwardsCoco MontresseDetoxJade JolieHoney MahoganyIvy WintersJinkx MonsoonLineysha SparxMonica Beverley HillzPenny TrationRoxxxy AndrewsSerena ChaCha, and Vivienne Pinay.

After they all met each other battle lines already got drawn. It turns out that Roxxxy Andrews and Detox have been friends for years, and started drag together-it will be interesting to see if this friendship has any consequences later in the season.

  1. As well as friendships within the group there were also tensions. It turns out that Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montresse have bad blood between them. Although the main details are not clear yet it appears to have something to do with a beauty pageant years ago that turned the BFFs into enemies. Fingers cross this will kick off before one of them gets asked to sashay away.

    The first task had the ladies put on their best pout and pose in a tank of water. Most of them managed some sort of success, however poor Alaska and Jinkx had a bad time. It turns out that Jinkx  can’t swim so many of her shots were of her floundering under the water. But she fared better than Alaska who gave up on the task after she wasn’t able to put her head fully in the water.

The winning photo was by Detox who looked fabulous and definitely deserved to win.

Next task had the divas got round the back of the Hollywood boutique Marco Marco in order to dumpster dive for their materials for their runway drag outfits.

Back at the studio the claws came out as the artists removed any pretences that this wasn’t a competition. Alyssa started to get close to Jade since she had bagge some of the best materials including glittery red fabric. However, Alyssa’s scheming was spotted by Coco who quickly made the whole group aware of what was going on.

After that Alyssa started to probe at Alaska’s insecurities. It turns out that not only has Alaska applied every year to RuPaul’s but constantly failed to qualify, but she is also dating Sharon Needles who won last year. Alyssa kept asking Alaska how she felt following on from Sharon and if it had caused any arguments between them trying to undermine her self-confidence.

  1. Once all the sewing, stitching, and snipping was done the ladies were ready for their close ups. First on the run way was Roxxy Andrews who came as a gothic queen flashing her flesh.

  2. Next was Jinkx with her bright blonde hair and a dress that looked like an aqua Greek goddess.

  3. Detox came on with a severe look with strong make up and a glittery pink number.

  4. Up next was Ivy who’s dressed looked like it could be worn by any of the Hollywood starlets. It was also all hand stitched, an impressive feat.

  5. Honey came out looking like a golden medieval warrior.

  6. Jade’s dress certainly reflected her bright, bubbly personality, but it was a bit too over the top. I thought maybe a unicorn had thrown up on it.

  7. Darkness and edge was key to Alyssa’s piece. Her leg piece was a bit confusing  however and didn’t work with the outfit.

  8. Although Penny had a great walk, long and confident, her dress had little on it to write about

  9. This could not be said for Coco who looked great and styled. Her director megaphone bra effectively combined Hollywood and Madonna. A match that has never been that successful in the past.

  10. Vivienne’s dress and make up was incredible. She looked like a star, though may have been a bit too unfussy with her design

  11. Then Alaska came out in her dress made completely of plastic. Despite Alyssa’s attempts she looked every bit the red carpet superstar.

  12. My favourite dress had to Lineysha’s. It was large, beautiful, well made as well as creative.

  13. Personally I was not impressed with Monica’s outfit. She was dressed more for a Pitbull video than a film premiere.

Finally Serena finished the show looking just odd. Her avant-garde look just didn’t work.

This catwalk was the high light of the episode as it showed the contestants’ unparalleled creativity and design skills.

After all the girls had walked the results were in. Jinkx, Honey, Monica, Vivienne, Alyssa, Coco, and Detox all got through safely. Although you think they would all be happy at avoiding eliminations Alyssa was furious as she had wanted to win the whole task.

The winner of the whole task was Roxxxey who received a custom gown from Marco Marco as well as immunity from next week’s elimination.

The people in the bottom two were fan favourite Penny, and unsurprisingly Serena. They then had to lip-sync for their lives to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. Penny did the old drag trick when you don’t know the words and turned her heads away from the judges while Serena synced her heart out. She also did an impressive split, which sealed her place in the next round and had Penny going home.


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