Top Five #DRAG-tastic Movies

It’s Thursday which means it is almost the weekend! Hurrah! But save your energy and your glad rags for Saturday night and instead make a date with your sofa, a bucket of popcorn and one of our drag-tastic film suggestions.

1. Some Like it Hot


What’s it about? Two Chicago-based musicians named Joe and Jerry head to Florida and drag up as an all-girl band in Florida. Confusion ensues when the woo-ing begins.

Watch it because: It has much more cultural credence than watching White Chicks (see below), and did we forget to mention Marilyn Monroe is in it?

Click here for the trailer

2. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert


What’s it about? Two drag queens, a transsexual and a big purple bus called Priscilla head out into the Australian Desert to perform a drag show. It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke right? Then they realise the woman who has booked them is actually the wife of one of the drag queens…awkward.

Watch it because: Hugo Weaving, Guy Peace and Terence Stamp all star. In sequins.

Click to watch a clip.

3. Victor Victoria


What’s it about? In 1930’s Paris a struggling soprano gets her drag on to find work. Basically a woman pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman.

Watch it because? It’s Julie Andrews. And she’s working androgynous chic.

Click here for a clip. Yes it’s a musical number. 

4. Hairspray


What’s it about? In 1960’s Baltimore, a chubby teen who likes to shake what her mama gave her wants to go on her local TV dance show. She also has a go at tackling segregation along the way.

Watch it because: John Travolta in drag is not to be missed.

Here’s our favourite song from the movie.

5. White Chicks


What’s it about: Gloriously trashy mid-noughties American comedy in which the Wayans Bros’ drag up as two heinous, and hilarious, heir-heads.

Watch it because: THIS


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