Drag Stats

So everyone loves stats, right?

Say What?

Next Magazine interviewed US drag artists to try and get an informed perception of the life of the average queen (if there could ever be such a thing).

Here were a few stand out points:

  • Out of 60 respondents, 55 percent of drag queens perform in a nightclub, bar or cabaret, with the majority receiving $51 to $200 per appearance.
  • American drag artists do not believe in the capsule wardrobe: most surveyed said they incorporated many different styles into their look and the average drag wardrobe contains 79 different outfits.
  • American drag artists on the whole (73%) believe that the drag scene has improved over the past decade.

Check out the link for the full survey

But what does this mean for the UK drag scene? Is the mood as positive here as with our glittering cousins over the pond? Do we need to produce a big-name superstar, a British RuPaul, if you will, to grab the drag scene some attention? 

Or does British drag belong away from the mainstream limelight?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Peace and Love,




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