Miss Hope Springs at the Crazy Coqs Cafe

Only in the piano bar of The Crazy Coqs Cafe does a drag act in gold sequins crooning on a grand piano feel normal. Off Leicester Square Miss Hope Springs makes you feel as if you have stepped right into Las Vegas’ golden age. The low lighting, table drinks service and grand piano all hint at the classy show to come; not something you’d expect from a drag queen.

But that is exactly what Miss Hope Springs, the character thought up by Ty Jeffries, wants to do. The aged ex Vegas showgirl sings about the life she led when a success and the issues she came across.. The songs, all written by Jeffries, are both witty and fun without ever becoming crass. Miss Springs sings about all sorts of things, from the history of the femme fatale (Bad Bad Girl), to Casinos, to Bisexuality. The set list includes a variety of song types ranging from the serious to the ridiculous. This balance works nicely and has the audience were visibly foot tapping and body rocking. Every song also manages to get the audience laughing-although it wouldn’t be much of a show if there wasn’t any laughs.

What pushed the show above the normal was the relationship Miss Springs created with the audience. She opens up about many aspects of her life from her exotic dancer mother Rusty Springs to her closeted husband Irving nothing is hidden. Although the character is fictional her vulnerability brings in audiences and relaxes them. She also has great comic timing between songs making the night thoroughly enjoyable.

The whole show doesn’t feel like a stereotypical drag act and is perfect for those who don’t want the crass humour. That isn’t to say there isn’t any, but you aren’t hit in the face with it. A few hours spent in the company of this ageing showgirl is the perfect way to unwind on a Sunday evening. Soon audiences will get to enjoy the December’s Christmas show (I bet there will be a joke about Santa’s sack) and a New Year’s Eve party at the end of the year.

Miss Hope Spring is on every Sunday at The Crazy Coqs Café (Brasserie Zedel, 20 Sherwood St, W1F 7ED). 


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