What the f*ck is drag anyway?

Drag queen. Cross dresser. Tranny. Gender bender.

From an afternoon scouring the internet for fresh and exciting news and juice from rich and vibrant drag community, you would be mistaken for thinking these were nondescript, interchangeable terms to label anyone from Dame Edna to Alex Reid.

But what do you, drag artists, enthusiasts and lovers of Great Britain define yourself as?

Wikipedia had a go: “A man who dresses and acts like a caricature woman, often for the purposes of entertaining.” This is how Wikipedia defines dragging.”

But as is often the case, wikipedia’s ‘definition’ is left wanting.

The question is, can drag be defined? Is it all feather boa’s, fishnets, and false lashes? Or are these merely fabulous, superfluous embellishments on what is a more complex and beautiful form of human expression? Or should people just quit analysing, grab a drink and get into the spirit?

We are HASHTAG DRAG. A new and unique online hub for the drag community, shaped and moulded by you, the drag royalty of the United Kingdom.

What is your #DRAG?

Follow @hashtag_drag and let’s get talking.


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